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From "Dantzler, DeWayne C" <dewayne.c.dantz...@boeing.com>
Subject RE: What is the difference between configuring Xerces 3.0.1 with--enable-netaccessor-curlvs--enable-netaccessor-socket?
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 01:51:00 GMT
Vitaly wrote:
>>So your xercesc library doesn't contain SocketNetAccessor after compiling. But another
library with SocketNetAccessor 
>>implementation has been used by your program in runtime.
>>May be the problem is in this linker option (look at two different xercesc folders):

Good catch Vitaly!!

One of those folders was an outdated build of Xerces with SocketNetAccessor enabled, so my
app was linking with the wrong build. Removed it and the parser was able to navigate the firewall.
In fact, only the environment variable 'http_proxy' needed to be set for Xerces to work with
the curl library!! No need to make any direct calls in my app to the curl API for setting
up the proxy host and port. 

To help others attempting to do the same, this point might be a good additions to the Xerces
documentation along with a link to the curl API. 

For instance: 
"libcurl respects the environment variables http_proxy, ftp_proxy, all_proxy etc, if any of
those are set. The CURLOPT_PROXY option does however override any possibly set environment

Again, thanks so much for your patience and suggestions. You have been a big help!!

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