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From Boris Kolpackov <bo...@codesynthesis.com>
Subject Re: Build Issues under MinGW
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2009 14:53:41 GMT
Hi Dirk,

Dirk Walter <Dirk.Walter@nih.gov> writes:

> if I just follow the instructions at
> http://xerces.apache.org/xerces-c/build-winunix-2.html#MinGW
> I get the following error:
> "Makefile.incl:1168: warning: overriding commands for target `.c.o'
> Makefile.incl:1165: warning: ignoring old commands for target `.c.o'
> makefile:71: *** target file `ALL' has both : and :: entries.  Stop."

I think your make utility is broken. I vaguely remember reading about
many versions of GNU make for MinGW, some of which being unusable. The
way I build Xerces-C++ for MinGW is to install Cygwin and pass
-mno-cygwin to the compiler/linker. See the Cygwin instructions at
the above URL for details.

> Also the makefiles seem to think that MinGW needs the
> Win32PlatformUtils.cpp, is this correct?



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