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From Boris Kolpackov <bo...@codesynthesis.com>
Subject Re: SAXParseException, wrong line and column numbers
Date Sat, 19 Sep 2009 17:01:16 GMT
Hi Igor,

Igor Ignatyuk <igor_ignatiouk@hotmail.com> writes:

> I am parsing the next file that is encoded as Windows-1252:
> <?xml version="1.0" ?>
> <test>ä</test>
> The implicit XML encoding is UTF-8, therefore it is correct that I get a
> parsing error, but SAXParseException::getLineNumber and
> SAXParseException::getColumnNumber return wrong values:
> line 1, column 23: invalid byte '<' at position 2 of a 3-byte sequence
> IMHO the line number should be 2, the column number - 8 (position of the
> character '<') or 7 (position of the character 'ä').

Can you submit a bug report for this problem and attach the sample
XML to it (I cannot reproduce the problem by copying and pasting
the XML fragment from the email):



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