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From Dirk Walter <Dirk.Wal...@nih.gov>
Subject Re: Build Issues under MinGW
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2009 13:12:19 GMT
I have been trying to get the build to work but so far I have no luck.

if I just follow the instructions at
I get the following error:

"Makefile.incl:1168: warning: overriding commands for target `.c.o'
Makefile.incl:1165: warning: ignoring old commands for target `.c.o'
makefile:71: *** target file `ALL' has both : and :: entries.  Stop."

if I comment out line 55 in the makefile.incl
"#ALL:    all"
it builds up on till a certain point, with a lot of warnings in the form
"../../Makefile.incl:1168: warning: overriding commands for target
../../Makefile.incl:1165: warning: ignoring old commands for target
looking at the makefile the makefile seems to expect to be case
sensitive, but the two commands are identical anyway.

Regardless it eventually fails with the errors I attached to my previous
email. By running some of the commands by hand and adding the Win32
version of the file you suggested I eventually managed to get it to
build, but any attempt I make to link against it fail.

Also the makefiles seem to think that MinGW needs the
Win32PlatformUtils.cpp, is this correct?

On Wed, 2009-09-23 at 03:03 -0400, Alberto Massari wrote:
> From the log is evident that you are not compiling the 
> xxxPlatformUtils.cpp source file. If you are manually tweaking the 
> makefile, try adding 
> src\xercesc\util\Platforms\Cygwin\CygwinPlatformUtils.cpp to the build.
> Alberto
> Dirk Walter wrote:
> > Hello I have been trying to build xerces 2.8 under either
> > i586-mingw32msvc-* (the cross compilation package provided by Ubuntu) or
> > for a windows machine using mingw and msys. In neither case have I been
> > having much success.
> >
> > I followed the instructions at
> > http://xerces.apache.org/xerces-c/build-winunix-2.html#MinGW and tried
> > to build using MinGW but it just won't build. I have attached the log
> > from the make, what am I doing wrong?
> >
> > I have fixed the makefile according to the build instructions and have
> >   

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