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From Ben Griffin <...@redsnapper.net>
Subject Re: accessors for publicId / systemId from a loaded DTDGrammarType Grammar ?
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 12:34:59 GMT
I have realised that DTD Grammar syntax does not need to specify the  
PublicID or SystemID internally, so this is not possible.
Instead, I must find another means of binding an arbitrary DTD grammar  
to a specific PublicID or SystemID.

On 15 Jul 2009, at 12:31, Ben Griffin wrote:

> Having loaded an arbitrary DTDGrammar, is there a way of being able  
> to access the publicId or systemId for that Grammar?
> I have loaded the grammar up as follows..
> Grammar* g = myDOMLSParser->loadGrammar(myDOMLSInput,  
> Grammar::DTDGrammarType, true);
> What I want to know is what the publicId / systemId is of Grammar g.
> Any ideas or suggestions?

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