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From "Freimann, Mario" <mario.freim...@siemens.com>
Subject Memory Leak at XercesDOMParser parse function?
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 09:40:46 GMT
- Xerces-C++ version number: 2.8
- Platform: Windows 32Bit
- Operating system and version number: Windows Server 2003 SP 2
- Compiler and version number:  MSVC 6 SP6
- Built Xerces by myself

I'm parsing a xml document. Therefore I have a XercesDOMParser instance. I create this instance
once and reuse it to scan one xml document cyclically. The xml document is valid. I get some
data from the document. With every parse Purify reports a _potential_ memory leak of 1680
Bytes. But If I start the program without purify the memory consumption increases all the
time. So I think it is a memory leak. Is this a memory leak or do I have to add some more
release or cleanup calls (if so where?)?

The following code extract eplains the code (error checking deleted for simplicity). I changed
my program to do only the parse function.

Creating the parser (only once):

DOMDocument* _xmlDoc = NULL;
DOMNode* _actualNode = NULL;
XercesDOMParser* _parser = NULL;


_parser = new XercesDOMParser();


Parsing the file (cyclically):

  if (_xmlDoc!=NULL)

  transcodexmlch = XMLString::transcode(filename);
 catch ()...

_xmlDoc = _parser->getDocument();

_actualNode = _xmlDoc->getDocumentElement();
} while ( true );

Purify shows a memory leak of total 2680 Bytes. The following trace gives the biggest memory

[I] MPK: Potential memory leak of 1288 bytes from 23 blocks allocated in xercesc_2_8::MemoryManagerImpl::allocate(UINT)
        Offset 0x00000008 referenced by 0x024e9370, a location in a C++ new block
        Offset 0x00000008 referenced by 0x024ef170, a location in a C++ new block
        Distribution of potentially leaked blocks
        Allocation location
            new(UINT)      [E:\DEVELOP\program\DEBUG\XERCES-C_2_8D.DLL]
            xercesc_2_8::MemoryManagerImpl::allocate(UINT) [E:\develop\xerces-c-src_2_8_0\src\xercesc\internal\MemoryManagerImpl.cpp:35]
                    void* memptr;
                    try {
             =>         memptr = ::operator new(size);
                    catch(...) {
                        throw OutOfMemoryException();
            xercesc_2_8::XMemory::new(UINT,MemoryManager::xercesc_2_8 *) [E:\develop\xerces-c-src_2_8_0\src\xercesc\util\XMemory.cpp:67]

                    size_t headerSize = XMLPlatformUtils::alignPointerForNewBlockAllocation(
             =>     void* const block = manager->allocate(headerSize + size);
                    *(MemoryManager**)block = manager;

                    return (char*)block + headerSize;
            xercesc_2_8::IGXMLScanner::scanStartTagNS(bool&) [E:\develop\xerces-c-src_2_8_0\src\xercesc\internal\IGXMLScanner.cpp:2393]
                        if (fGrammarType == Grammar::DTDGrammarType) {
                            elemDecl = new (fMemoryManager) DTDElementDecl(
                                qnameRawBuf, uriId, DTDElementDecl::Any, fMemoryManager
             =>             );
                        else if (fGrammarType == Grammar::SchemaGrammarType)  {
            xercesc_2_8::IGXMLScanner::scanContent(void) [E:\develop\xerces-c-src_2_8_0\src\xercesc\internal\IGXMLScanner.cpp:896]

                                    case Token_StartTag :
                                        if (fDoNamespaces)
             =>                             scanStartTagNS(gotData);
            xercesc_2_8::IGXMLScanner::scanDocument(InputSource::xercesc_2_8 const&) [E:\develop\xerces-c-src_2_8_0\src\xercesc\internal\IGXMLScanner.cpp:214]
                            // Scan content, and tell it its not an external entity
             =>             if (scanContent())
                                // Do post-parse validation if required
                                if (fValidate)
            xercesc_2_8::XMLScanner::scanDocument(WORD const* const) [E:\develop\xerces-c-src_2_8_0\src\xercesc\internal\XMLScanner.cpp:460]

                    Janitor<InputSource> janSrc(srcToUse);
             =>     scanDocument(*srcToUse);

                void XMLScanner::scanDocument(  const   char* const systemId)
            xercesc_2_8::AbstractDOMParser::parse(WORD const* const) [E:\develop\xerces-c-src_2_8_0\src\xercesc\parsers\AbstractDOMParser.cpp:538]
                        fParseInProgress = true;
             =>         fScanner->scanDocument(systemId);
                    catch(const OutOfMemoryException&)
            PAR_XMLDOMParser::parseFile(char *) [E:\develop\program\source\xmlwrapper.cxx:378]
                        transcodexmlch = XMLString::transcode(filename);
             =>         _parser->parse(transcodexmlch);
                    catch(const XMLException& toCatch)

Any help is appreciated.

With kind regards,

Mario Freimann

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