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From caox <c...@lightpole.net>
Subject Re: how to validate the input source?
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:17:41 GMT
Alberto Massari 写道:
> Have a look at the MemParse sample.
> Alberto
> caox wrote:
>> Hi
>>    I am using the xercesc3.0.1 for xml parsing.
>>    How can I check whether the input source from a byte steam is 
>> well-formed xml format? Since I want my program to raise an exception 
>> when it receives files other than xml.
>>    Appreciate your help.
Thanks a lot. I have tried the sample DOMPrint which could throw an 
exception as expect when encountered a bad-formed xml file.
But when I use xqilla to create a DOMParser, it seems can accept all 
kinds of files. The code is below:


And this puzzled me a lot.

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