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From "Anisha Parveen -X (anparvee - Infosys at Cisco)" <anpar...@cisco.com>
Subject Error in XML data parsing (xerces-cpp v changed from 2.5.0 to 2.8.0)
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2009 06:02:36 GMT

 I work on an application where the C-modules use the Xerces CPP parser
to generate XML data and the same is forwarded to another module(java).
The java module that receives the data user xerces -java for parsing the
data. My application works well and has been in production for years
using the xerces-cpp v 2.5.0 and xerces-java v2.9.1. This works well in
Red Linux 4, Solaris 10.

Currently I had to port my application to Red Hat Linux5. During the
porting I had to change the xerces-cpp version to 2.8.0. With this
however I get serious error in parsing the xml data. When I compare the
xml data strings created by xercesv2.5.0 and v2.8.0 manually using text
compare tools, I don't find any differences. The XML data created by
both the versions of xerces-xpp look identical.

However, at the parsing end, in the java module(xerces v2.9.1,.this is
not changed), I get "Pemature End of file" or "Content is not allowed in
prolog" errors.
There seems to be some minute differences in the XML data which I am
unable to identify. 

Can someone point me to the differences in the Xerces-CPP v2.5.0 and
v2.9.1 that might result in such errors ? Or what can I do in the Java
module where the data is parsed , to overcome such issues.

Expecting a positive response at the earliest.


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