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From Byron Campen <bcam...@estacado.net>
Subject Re: Specifying the location of .xsd files to use when validating an XML file
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 20:15:39 GMT
	Hey Dale! I bet it wants a <http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema:import>  
elem; is this what you've given it?

Best regards,
Byron Campen

> This is another version of a question which seems to come up
> perennially, but it seems to be slightly different than the versions I
> can find discussion of.
> I am using Xerces-C to validate an XML file.  The file uses a  
> namespace,
> but does not describe where to find the schema (.xsd file) for the
> namespace.  So before validating the file, I call
> fgXercesSchemaExternalSchemaLocation to give the names of the files
> containing the schemas for the namespaces that the XML file might use.
> So far, that works fine:  Xerces locates the schema for the namespace
> that the XML file uses.
> The difficulty is that one of the schemas imports another schema.
> Xerces seems to demand that the first schema contain an <import>
> element, and that the <import> provide the file name containing the
> imported schema; the list provided to
> fgXercesSchemaExternalSchemaLocation seems to have no effect.   
> Whereas I
> would assume that the fgXercesSchemaExternalSchemaLocation list  
> would be
> consulted first to find the imported namespace, and the schemaLocation
> attribute of the <import> element would be ignored.
> In particular, section 4.2.3 of XML Schema Part 1 suggests that  
> omitting
> the schemaLocation attribute is intended to leave it to the  
> processor to
> determine how the find the schema, and in the context of Xerces, I  
> would
> expect Xerces to consult the fgXercesSchemaExternalSchemaLocation  
> list.
> But if I omit schemaLocation, I get errors like this:
> Error at file file:///home/dworley/sandbox-151/dir-local/share/sipxecs/schema/alias.xsd

> , line 54, char 54
>  Message: Schema Representation Constraint: Namespace 'http://www.sipfoundry.org/sipX/schema/xml/sip-00-01'

>  is referenced without <import> declaration
> And note that the message is factually incorrect; there is an <import>
> element:
>  <import
>      namespace="http://www.sipfoundry.org/sipX/schema/xml/sip-00-01"
>      />
> Dale

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