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From Alberto Massari <amass...@datadirect.com>
Subject Re: importNode() does not call UserDataHandler
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2007 10:27:59 GMT
At 10.57 06/02/2007 +0100, 4pzbrog02@sneakemail.com wrote:
>Hi Alberto!
>Yep, it worked with the modified version of 
>DOMDocumentImpl::callUserDataHandlers(). Of course, I couldn't use 
>the full DOMDocumentImpl.cpp, it changed too much from 2.7 to 3.0. 
>However, I just put the stuff you changed in callUserDataHandlers() 
>into 2.7's version, and it did the trick.
>Something else that I discovered: DOMUserDataHandler::handle()'s 
>data parameter does not carry the data from src, but the one that 
>has been registered with the DOMDocument - but it the 
>DOMUserDataHandler::handle() docs don't say that anywhere. Not a 
>problem really, but I find it confusing (maybe it is not so much 
>though if you know that you have to register the data handler with 
>the DOMDocument, which I didn't at the beginning).

That could change if we decide that the handler being called is the 
one of the imported (or adopted) node. But it would be only in the 
3.0 version, as it would break existing programs that rely on this behavior.

>However, I wonder if switching to 3.0 makes sense for me, rather 
>than relying on a patched version of 2.7. How far is 3.0 from 
>release? How stable is it?

The same patch has been applied in the 2.7 branch, so you can keep 
using it; as for the 3.0 release timeframe, we are still working on 
including XInclude support, and trying to make the new build system 
to work on a couple of platforms; its stability should be good.


>Thanks & Cheers,
>Alberto Massari amassari-at-datadirect.com |xerces-c-users mailing 
>list| schrieb:
>>Hi Uwe,
>>I guess you are right, and Xerces doesn't expect the list of 
>>handlers to change midway; can you try getting the latest 
>>DOMDocumentImpl.cpp from SVN and try if it works?

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