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From MBoudreaux <mboudre...@shff.com>
Subject Re: Linker Error with Visual Studio 2003
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 17:51:38 GMT

Wow, you are correct. All the errors had to deal with the wchar_t type. I
changed my project settings to not treat it as a native type and now the
code links properly.

I now have the problem with it not being able to find the Xerces DLL file,
but I have a feeling I just need to run a make file or check my install

- Matt

Alberto Massari wrote:
> You only paste one error, so I can only guess that the option "Treat 
> wchar_t as a native type" has different values in the two projects 
> (yours and Xerces')
> Alberto
> At 09.40 29/01/2007 -0800, MBoudreaux wrote:
>>I'm trying to learn the Xerces API for an XML application I have in the
>>works. I've read through the documentation a few times and I'm having
>>trouble compiling my application. I'm getting about ~50 Linker 2001 errors
>>(unresolved external symbols). I have the library linked in and the
>>directories are correctly defined in the project settings, so I'm a bit
>>Here is how my example application is linking in everything:
>>#pragma comment(lib, "xerces-c_2.lib")
>>#include <xercesc/sax2/SAX2XMLReader.hpp>
>>#include <xercesc/sax2/XMLReaderFactory.hpp>
>>#include <xercesc/sax2/DefaultHandler.hpp>
>>#include <xercesc/parsers/SAXParser.hpp>
>>#include <xercesc/sax/HandlerBase.hpp>
>>#include <xercesc/util/XMLString.hpp>
>>#include <iostream>
>>#include <iostream.h>
>>class Attributes;
>>class SaxParser : public DefaultHandler
>>Am I linking in things improperly? Is there something else I should check?
>>have already looked at the Environment variable and the PATH is set
>>Here is an example of the type of errors I am getting:
>>XMLBinary error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: virtual void
>>__thiscall xercesc_2_7::DefaultHandler::startElement(wchar_t const *
>>const,wchar_t const * const,wchar_t const * const,class
>>xercesc_2_7::Attributes const &)"
>>Any suggestions?
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