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From Timothy Strimple <tstrim...@collectivedata.com>
Subject Re: Retrieve list of valid children based on element name.
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 14:48:33 GMT
Alberto Massari wrote:
> Timothy,
> XSTypeDefinition is just the base class; depending on the value 
> returned by getTypeCategory() you have to cast it to either a 
> XSComplexTypeDefinition or XSSimpleTypeDefinition, where you will find 
> the rest of the informations.
> Alberto
Ah! Thank you very much! So getAttributeUses() for the attributes and 
getParticle() for the content information? Is documentation on this 
other then whats listed in the Xerces documentation? It looks like I can 
call getElementTerm() to retrieve a single element from the particle, or 
getModelGroupTerm() if there is a set of elements. Also, is there a 
resource for explaining the terms used in the PSVI? Are Model Groups and 
Wildcards related to XML Schema or specifically to the PSVI. I'm hoping 
to find a better way to learn more about this type of schema work 
without having to pester the list with a lot of questions.


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