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From "Jason Stewart" <jason.e.stew...@gmail.com>
Subject XQilla perl bindings
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 10:13:24 GMT
Hi folks,

I hope the cross-post isn't offensive...

I am the maintainers of the SWIG-generated Perl bindings for Xerces-C.
I have been generating a test-suite for Xerces-C based on those
bindings and really wanted to test out the XPath API - but learned
that they were only stubs that Xalan and other API's could be plugged

Just the other day I learned about XQilla - Cool!!! Funny to see
Alberto as one of the admins (if only I had told him - doh!).

If I were to write a SWIG interface file to generate Perl (or
Python/Ruby/etc) bindings for XQilla would that be useful? The
significance would be:
* Perl script writers could create the instances of the needed XQilla
objects and bind them to a Xerces DOM implementation from within Perl
* I could complete the DOM component of the Xerces test suite ;-)

Cheers, jas.

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