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From Alberto Massari <amass...@datadirect.com>
Subject Re: SVN compile gives chinese messages?
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:06:58 GMT
At 16.58 23/08/2006 +0530, Jason Stewart wrote:
>Hey All, In preparation for releasing 3.0 I've 
>been doing a bunch of work on Xerces-P. Since it 
>has been a while since I updated, I went ahead 
>and did an svn update, and recompiled. Now when 
>I try to run DOMCount I get: l$ 
>../../samples/data/personal.xml Fatal Error at 
>file , line 0, char 0   Message: 䄀渀 攀ç 


>瀀爀椀洀愀爀礀 搀漀挀甀洀攀渀琀 攀渀琀

>椀琀礀 挀漀甀氀搀 渀漀琀 戀攀 漀瀀攀渀攀搀⸀


>Errors occurred, no output available Something 
>broke somewhere - but I have no idea what. Why 
>are my messages in chinese suddenly? Why does 
>any parse fail at line 0 char 0 suddenly? Thanks 
>ahead of time, jas. </x-flowed>

Hi Jason,
I just regenerated the SWIG interface, and "make 
test" works as expected (on Ubuntu 6.06); but I 
guess you already regenerate them... what platform are you on?


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