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From sandip shahane <sandipshah...@yahoo.com>
Subject using wstring with xerces while
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 15:59:59 GMT
Hello all,
 Now that I have got compilable source code and
library available i am looking to write test code. One
thing i want to know is, is there any kind of wstring
support with xerces? My application is intended to use
wstring based class (It is must since all code base
that was earlier on windows is using wstring, and now
i want to port it to other platforms of UNIX). Also it
shall support I18 viz. foreign language character set
e.g. japanese etc... I have seen XMLString examples at
some places that does ::transcode(...) to and fro
XMLCh * to char * . What does this transcode(...) do?
If possible my strategy is to use this way to get char
* from xerces's XMLCh * and convert it back to wstring
using wcstombs and vice versa.
Has anybody done this way, any issues, or alternatives
because i think this is going to be too expensive.
Is there any better way? Or has anybody used any other
simpler way? If so, some sample code will be greatly

Sandeep Shahane

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