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From "Mouawad, Tony" <Tony.Moua...@christiedigital.com>
Subject Releasing DOMNodes not releasing all of memory
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 14:58:08 GMT
We're currently faced with a challenge where when we create DOMNodes, use
them and then release them, our application memory keeps growing with each
DOMNode created and released.  In order to free up the memory consumed with
by several iterations of creating and releasing DOMNodes, we have to
actually release the document associated with the nodes to regain that
memory.  This is sensible, except for the fact that we designed ourselves
into a situation where we cannot release the associated DOMDocument until
the application is terminated.  This is partly because of how we are using a
XML C++ code generator to bind generic C++ objects to XML data.
My current understanding with versions of Xerces C++ including the most
current version is that creating and releasing DOMNodes in a DOMDocument
consumes memory and will keep consuming memory until the document is
released.  Is this true?
Can someone recommend a way of releasing the consumed memory without
actually releasing the document?  
If this question is not relevant to this particular mail group, can someone
point me in the right direction?
Thank you,

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