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From Joanne Bogart <...@slac.stanford.edu>
Subject Building Xerces-c 2.6 with Microsoft .Net
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 17:47:05 GMT
I haven't been able to build Xerces-c 2.6 under Microsoft .Net so that a 
sample program like DOMCount will run properly.  I can run the pre-built 
version successfully on my system, but, since our code is built debug, I 
need to build a debug version of the Xerces library.

The sequence of events has been something like this:

I double-click on the VC7 project file for all.

 MSDev converts all the project file stuff to be 7.1 compatible.

I build xerces-all.  There are no complaints.

I try to run DOMCount.  A dialog comes up: 

"These project configurations(s) are out of date:

   xml4com - Debug Win32

Would you like to build them?"

 I've tried both rebuilding and not rebuilding.  If I say to rebuild, I 
believe it claims it succeeded (without actually doing anything except 
checking whether everything is up to date), but will keep prompting me 
every time I attempt to run a program.

When I run the program, it fails in this section of DOMCount:

  if (recognizeNEL)




   catch (const XMLException& toCatch)


         XERCES_STD_QUALIFIER cerr << "Error during initialization! :\n"

              << StrX(toCatch.getMessage()) << XERCES_STD_QUALIFIER endl;

         return 1;


The debugger says recognizeNEL is false, but nonetheless it tries to 
execute the next line. It won't  let me step into the call to 
XMLPlatformUtils::recognizeNEL; execution lands in the catch block.

Has anyone tried this?  Or is there a prebuilt debug version of the 
library + sample program somewhere?


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