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From Matt Garman <gar...@raw-sewage.net>
Subject Re: Static xerces lib on Win32
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 20:30:29 GMT
On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 02:31:08PM +0100, Alberto Massari wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> to remove the "operator new" error you should remove this block
> #ifdef _DEBUG
>  #ifdef _MSC_VER
>     #include <crtdbg.h>
>  #else
>     #include <assert.h>
>  #endif
> #endif
> from Win32PlatformUtils.cpp.
> You should also change the code generation options to use the static 
> version of the C runtime (/MT and /MTd instead of /MD and MDd)

Thank you!

Now I've got another linking problem: I build two static libraries,
a debug version and a release version.  Likewise, I build debug and
release versions of my application.  When I try to link the release
version, I get over a hundred errors of the following type:

common.lib(LocalFileEntityResolver.obj) : warning LNK4217: locally
defined symbol ??3XMemory@xercesc_2_6@@SAXPAX@Z (public: static void
__cdecl xercesc_2_6::XMemory::operator delete(void *)) imported in
function $L20829
common.lib(LocalFileEntityResolver.obj) : warning LNK4049: locally
defined symbol
(public: static class xercesc_2_6::MemoryManager *
xercesc_2_6::XMLPlatformUtils::fgMemoryManager) imported

This appears to be a problem with the way the Xerces header files
are interpreted when I build the release version of my application.
If I link with the debug version of the Xerces static lib, I still
get these same errors.  So my guess is that the problem isn't the
static library I built, but rather has something to do with the way
I am building the release version of my application.

Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas?

Thanks again!

Matt Garman
email at: http://raw-sewage.net/index.php?file=email

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