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From Gareth Reakes <parthe...@parthenoncomputing.com>
Subject Re: Validating against an xsd without xsdSchemaLocation
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 08:58:07 GMT

> . However, in my application, I have my xsd cached in DOM form. I feel
> that the regular way of validating could be speeded up if there was an
> API available to parse a given XML input against a xsd in DOM form, eg
> void parse(XmlCh *xml, DOMDocument *xsd);
> Is there any way like this I could take advantage of the fact that I
> already have the xsd cached in DOM form and not go through the method I
> am using above, which I feel is probably redoing what I have already
> done, ie reparsing my xsd?

There are methods on DOMBuilder and XercesDOMParser to cache schema
grammars. The internal model for the grammar is not a DOM tree so you
would still have to serialize and then create an InputSource to pass into
the caching methods. However, you would only have to do this once so you
should realize good speed improvements.


Gareth Reakes, Managing Director            +44-1865-811184
Parthenon Computing                http://www.parthcomp.com

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