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From Chris Bishop <ch...@bishop.net.nz>
Subject Re[2]: Building under MinGW/MSYS
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2004 01:26:42 GMT
Dear Developers,

I sent this message a short time ago and got some useful replies and
was making some progress in building Xerces 2.5 using MinGW/MSYS.

Then, fortunately, I was browsing around the Xerces site and noticed
patches to the build system to incorporate MinGW/MSYS builds.  So,
yesterday, I downloaded a development source snapshot and tried it
under MinGW/MSYS.

This is by way of saying thanks to however is responsible - it seems
to work absolutely fine - thanks again :-)

Best regards,

Chris Bishop

Wednesday, March 10, 2004, 10:18:47 PM, you wrote:

CB> Tried sending this message some days ago but have seen no responses,
CB> so assume no-one has any info on this topic.

CB> However, will try sending again just in case.

CB> If anyone knows anything about building Xerces under MinGW/MSYS I
CB> would appreciate any info available.

CB> Best regards,

CB> Chris Bishop

CB> Tuesday, March 2, 2004, 4:58:10 PM, you wrote:

CB>> I am developing various applications on Windows systems using

CB>> I have need of an XML library and have identified Xerces as being
CB>> suitable.

CB>> I have obtained the Xerces sources and read the documentation.

CB>> I can find no reference to building under MinGW/MSYS.  I have tried
CB>> various hacks to make it think that I am building under either Cygwin
CB>> or under Linux but these have only been partially successful.

CB>> Has any one had any success building the Xerces library under
CB>> MinGW/MSYS?  If so I would be grateful for any pointers.

CB>> Best regards,

CB>> Chris Bishop

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