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From Gareth Reakes <gar...@decisionsoft.com>
Subject Re: which parser shall I use?
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 09:31:07 GMT

> 1) DOMBuilder

The DOM Level 3 parser. This may, amongst other things, change name before 
it gets to Candidate Recomendation. On the other hand, it will be the 
standards complient way to go. Its what I use internally.

> 2) XercesDOMParser

This is the way we parsed before DOM specified how we should. This is 
stable and widly used.

> 3) SAX2XMLReader

This is for SAX2.

> 4) SAXParser

This is for SAX1.

> 5) deprecated DOMParser
Don't use this.

> Which parser should I use? Which parser is fastest?

If you don't need to build a full DOM Tree then SAX will be much faster 
(but you will have to specify what happens in each of the handlers - see 
the samples). If you do then either XercesDOMParser or DOMBuilder 
depending on the level of stability you require.


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