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From "Bagepalli, Kiran" <kbagepa...@informatica.com>
Subject Error reporting
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 02:34:56 GMT
I try to do a getErrorCount() after doing a loadGrammar on a schema which
has some missing types. Strangely, I get the error count as 0. 
I am failing to understand why the error count is not bumped up in  
void XSDErrorReporter::emitError(const unsigned int toEmit,
                                 const XMLCh* const msgDomain,
                                 const Locator* const aLocator,
                                 const XMLCh* const text1,
                                 const XMLCh* const text2,
                                 const XMLCh* const text3,
                                 const XMLCh* const text4)


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