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From "jiang lei" <jiang-...@8107.co.jp>
Subject Re: How to add namspace mapping to DOM node?
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 01:20:51 GMT
Hi Gareth,

Thanks for your help.
BTW, it looks like the first parameter of  DOMDocument::createAttributeNS()
have to be "http://www.w3.org/2000/xmlns/", otherwise an exception will
thrown :

const XMLCh* DOMNodeImpl::mapPrefix(const XMLCh *prefix,
                                     const XMLCh *namespaceURI, short nType)

    static const XMLCh s_xmlnsURI[] = // "http://www.w3.org/2000/xmlns/"
    {  chLatin_h, chLatin_t, chLatin_t, chLatin_p, chColon, chForwardSlash,
       chLatin_w, chLatin_w, chLatin_w, chPeriod, chLatin_w, chDigit_3,
       chLatin_o, chLatin_r, chLatin_g, chForwardSlash,
       chDigit_2, chDigit_0, chDigit_0, chDigit_0, chForwardSlash,
       chLatin_x, chLatin_m, chLatin_l, chLatin_n, chLatin_s,
chForwardSlash, chNull};

        if (XMLString::compareString(namespaceURI, s_xmlnsURI) == 0)
            return s_xmlnsURI;
        throw DOMException(DOMException::NAMESPACE_ERR, 0);

Best Regards


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From: "Gareth Reakes" <gareth@decisionsoft.com>
To: "Xerces mailing list" <xerces-c-dev@xml.apache.org>
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 6:39 PM
Subject: Re: How to add namspace mapping to DOM node?

> Hi,
> Namespace binding occurs at parse time so even if you do this it
> will not have any effect on eles/attrs prefixed with "D" in the scope of
> the ns attr. The DOMWriter is speced to "namespace normalize" a document.
> This means that it sorts all this stuff out and puts the appropriate
> prefixs etc in. This is not yet implemented.
> When you create your ns node are you going:
> DOMDocument::createAttributeNS("....", "xmlns:D")  ?
> Gareth

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