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From Jianjun Zhang <jiazh...@eecs.umich.edu>
Subject Attribute Value Normalization and DTD
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 01:21:33 GMT
Hi. I have encountered a problem with the following xml document and DTDs 
using Xerces 1.3.1

DTD #1 : test.dtd

<!ENTITY % Definition.dtd SYSTEM "Definition.dtd">
<!ELEMENT test ( #PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST test
  %rangeValue >

DTD #2 : Definity.dtd

<!ENTITY % rangeValue " range CDATA #FIXED '[&#x09;-&#x7f;]'">

My XML Document :
<!DOCTYPE test PUBLIC .........>
<test range="[&#x09;-&#x7f;]">some data</test>

When I loaded the above document into DOM, I got an error:

  Attribute 'range' has a value, '[    -]', that does
not match its #FIXED value,
'[ -]'

It seems somehow that the TAB character reference in the Entity Reference
has been normalized to a SPACE character. Is this specified in XML Spec? I
couldn't find it. Any helpful suggestions are welcome.



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