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From t..@ca.ibm.com
Subject Re: [Proposal] Using Bugzilla (was Re: how do i enter bugs for Xe rces 1.2.3?)
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 14:41:35 GMT

> Here is the proposed initial set of components for reporting problems
> Xerces-C in Bugzilla:
> 1. Non-Validating Parser - general parsing problem
> 2. Validating Parser (DTD) - DTD related parser issue
> 3. DOM - items specific to DOM
> 4. SAX/SAX2 - items specific to SAX or SAX2
> 5. Utilities - items related to utilties like MessageLoader, Transcoder,
> NetAccessors, Platforms specific utilities
> 6. Documentation - documentation such as FAQ, Programming Guide issues
> 7. Build - problem with build, makefile, project files
> 8. Samples/Tests - samples or test cases related issues
> 9. Miscellaneous - other items not covered in above category

I will enter the above components for XercesC to Bugzilla if this sounds
good to everybody.

"Gale, Gary (Factiva)" wrote:
> 3) Bugzilla is comprehensive, sometimes too much so in it's default
> incarnation. When I first put Bugzilla into use I had several headaches
> caused by different understandings of what the lifecycle of a bug
> meant. It might save some pain if this gets defined clearly _before_ the
> Xerces-C Bugzilla goes live.

This is a good point.  According the Bugzilla user guide, here is the
normal life cycle:

                 New           Reopened   <------------------
                    |                      |
                    v                    v
 -------------------------------------------                             |
 |                                                         |
v                                                        v
Assigned    -----------------> Resolved ----------->|
                                                  Closed --------------->|

New - Newly open bug
Assigned - The bug has been assigned to a particular developer as the owner
Resolved - New or Assigned bug can be changed to resolved state for the
following resolution:
     1. fixed - valid bug and a fix for this bug has been checked in
     2. invalid - not a bug
     3. wontfix - valid bug but never be fixed
     4. later - valid bug but will not be fixed in this version
     5. remind - valid bug but will not be fixed now, might be fixed in
this version, remind me
     6. duplicate - duplicate of an existing bug
     7. worksforme - not enough infomration, not reproducable
Verified - Resolved bug has been verified with correct resolution
Closed - Done
Reopened - Any resolved bug or closed bug can be reopened and go through
the life-cycle again.

And we need to clearly state that bugzilla is not a place for question.  It
is to report bug with detail description, and information to reproduce the


Tinny Ng
XML Parsers Development
IBM Toronto Laboratory, email: tng@ca.ibm.com

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