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From peiyo...@ca.ibm.com
Subject New directories created under src/validators and relocation of Content Model Files
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2001 17:20:32 GMT
Hi, there,

With the progress of Schema port, the following new folders will be created
under "src/validators" (consistent to what Xerces-J has right now)

     common  - common source files used by both dtd and schema
     datatype - datatype validators
     schema - specific source files for schema

and existing folder src/validators/Dtd will have source files specific for

As a result, those content model files:
     CMBinaryOp.cpp & hpp
     CMUnaryOp.cpp & hpp
     ContentSpecNode.cpp & hpp
     DFAContentModel.cpp & hpp
     MixedContentModel.cpp & hpp
     SimpleContentModel.cpp & hpp

that are shared by both DTD and Schema will be moved from
src/validators/Dtd to src/validators/common.  Other files that are impact
by this move such as Makefile.in, DOMParser.cpp which has "#include
<validators/Dtd/ContentSpecNode.hpp>" ... will be modified.

If your build environment has an explicit dependency on the location of
these content model files, this note is just to warn you ahead of this

We will start committing these changes sometime in February.



Peiyong Zhang
XML Parsers Development
IBM Toronto Laboratory email: peiyongz@ca.ibm.com
Phone: (416)448-4088; Fax: (416)448-4414; T/L: 778-4088

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