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From t..@ca.ibm.com
Subject Re: XML schema support
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 22:15:58 GMT

As I have stated in my earlier append, our team (Khaled Noaman, Pei Yong
Zhang and myself) are currently working on this right now.   The Xerces-J
Schema CR is now closed to the final stage (they just released Xerces-J 1.3
which has Schema CR support).  And the Xerces-C schema port will be based
on Xerces-J.

Here is what I've posted earlier (Fri, 12 Jan 2001 09:47:05 -0500 subject:
Re: Schema support):

   > Basically we will divide this work into 3 sessions:

   > 1. Base infra-structure - fundamental architectural changes in Parser,
   > Scanner, ContentModel, and XMLValidator
   > 2. Schema subset - minimal Schema Support with restrictions to get
   > started
   > 3. Full Schema Support (at CR level) as in Xerces-J

   > It takes rougly two months for the base infra-structure.  And the
   Schema Subset should be available sometime in April or May >(depends on
   how far we want to go in test).  And the Full Schema Support should be
   available one to two months afterwards.  Please >note that the dates are
   tentative and subject to change.

Current status: We are still "somehow" on track.  And we plan to start
committing changes to CVS sometime in February for some of the base
infra-structure changes we've made so far.


Tinny Ng
XML Parsers Development
IBM Toronto Laboratory, email: tng@ca.ibm.com

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