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From "Norris Cheng" <nch...@quack.com>
Subject Multithreading question
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 03:42:26 GMT
Hi, I understand that in a multithread environment, only one thread can
enter a DOM tree at the same time, which means i have to do some
synchronization. So does that mean even for accessor methods such as
getNodeName, i have to make sure that only one thread is calling it at any

What if i am sharing a DOM tree between multiple threads, but the threads
are actually accessing different parts of the tree? For instance, if i have
a DOM tree from "<root><a></a><b></b></root>", if thread
A accesses element
"a", and thread B accesses element "b", can that be concurrent? If not,
would cloning the subtrees solve the problem?


Norris Cheng

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