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From Dean Roddey <drod...@portal.com>
Subject RE: Question about DTD's
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 19:09:33 GMT
The built in support for socket based parsing in the C++ parser is only for
simple scenarios. Since there is no good, simple, portable solution for such
things, the parser cannot provide it (since it runs on many, many

However, you can create your own NetAccessor and plug it in easily from your
own application. Then you can do whatever you want to do, and use any
services that your local platform provide. Look at the exsting support in
the parser, in the util/NetAccessor directory. These are not special in any
way, and are just plugged in by the platform support. But you can easily
override that and plug in your own at runtime if you want to. The parser
will use your net accessor to create socket based streams, which you will
provide also. So when the parser needs to open a socket, it will ask the
installed net accessor for one, and your net accessor just returns an
instance of your own stream derivative which is based on your own socket

Its not as complicated as it sounds, once you look at the existing one. Now,
the socket programming might be, but that's just the way it is. But the
interfaces to get new types of socket based input streams into the parser is
pretty easy.

Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Portal, Inc

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From: Wilhelm Vortisch [mailto:wilhelm.vortisch@isst.fhg.de]
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2001 10:59 AM
To: xerces-c-dev@xml.apache.org
Subject: Question about DTD's

Hi *,

I have a problem with xerces-c to access a XML file that includes
"global" DTD's...

My XML files refers to "global" DTDs like
and I use a proxy server ...

If I parse this XML file with xerces for java, I must set the proxy in
the namespace of the JVM with the commands 
-------------------- java ------------------------------------
	Properties properties = System.getProperties();
	properties.put( "proxyHost", proxyHost );
	properties.put( "proxyPort", proxyPort );
	System.setProperties( properties );
-------------------- java ------------------------------------
All is OK in JAVA!!

Where can I set these proxy informations in xerces for c++??



P.S. I work on a Solaris system ....

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Bereich ITM     | Telefax  : +49 (0) 30/2 43 06-1 99
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