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From ruud waij <w...@wt.tno.nl>
Subject Re: 64-bit version of XML parser ?
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 11:53:40 GMT
Sachin Nagawade wrote:

> Hi all,
> I want a 64-bit library of XML parser on Solaris and HP. I searched lot not
> net and found no information about 64-bit XML library, as well there is no
> help available about porting it to 64-bit platform. Had anybody done this
> job before?

To compile with aCC for 64 bits on HPUX 11, I had to do the following things:

In file $XERCESCROOT/src/config.sub on line 157 (case $basic_machine) I added

    | hppa2.0w-hp

In file $XERCESCROOT/src/Makefile.incl around line 298 I changed




In file $XERCESCROOT/src/util/HashPtr.cpp on line 70 I had to cast

    return (reinterpret_cast<int>(key) % mod);


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