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From hir...@sco.COM
Subject Re: Any successful Xerces-C compilations with gcc under HPUX11?
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

Good Morning Martin, and xerces Fans:

You may be interested in a sequence I just went through with gcc
on Unixware.

I had been working with gcc 2.95.1 and had xerces working just
fine, samples and tests had no problems.

My project specifies 2.95.2 so I decided to update my compiler.
I naievly went to www.gnu.org and downloaded the source to
gcc 2.95.2 which built with no problem on my system.  I went back
to xerces and rebuilt it only to discover that the samples and
tests would do nothing but core dump immediately.  I looked at
that for a while leading me to believe that the problem was
stack corruption.

I wanted to recover my working state, I didn't have my media immediately
on hand from which I had originally installed 2.95.1 so I went back
to www.gnu.org and picked up the 2.95.1 source and built that.
Same situation, same problem with xerces.  I thought this was strange
because the builds of these compilers proceeded quite normally
with no problems at all.

I checked in with the compiler people here at SCO and they stated
immediately that the sources at www.gnu.org did not function correctly
out of the box and I had to use the SCO patched versions:
	in particular: gcc-2.95.2pl1.pkg

I installed that and sure enough xerces began to function again
just fine.  Evidently not all versions of gcc are created equally.
Perhaps there are patches to the www.gnu.org sources somewhere,
but they weren't in the sources I used.  I do see SCO has
published its patches to gcc in:
I don't know if these fixes are specific to gcc on Unixware only.

During my compiler experiments, I had also tried: gcc-2.95.3.test4
and that wouldn't build xerces successfully either.  Had the same

I'm not sure what conclusion to draw from this since I'm sure there
are thousands of developers that successfully use gcc from its source
at gnu.


From: Martin Kalen <martin.kalen@todaysystems.com.au>
To:   <xerces-c-dev@xml.apache.org>
Subject: Any successful Xerces-C compilations with gcc under HPUX11?
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 17:01:07 +1100

Thank you for your reply, Andy - saves us the trouble of trying to
link the object files.

I have searched the mail archives and found two people trying to
compile Xerces-C with gcc/g++ uder HPUX, both getting coredumps as we
did. (In 2000/02 and 2000/11, no links since mailarchive is down for
the moment.)

I am using gcc 2.95.2 under HP/UX B11.00 and my settings in
Makefile.incl are as follows:

Compilation and linking is fine, no errors - all tests and samples
coredumps straight away. Anyone had more luck with gcc/g++ on this

Have a good weekend,
Martin Kalen
Software Engineer
TODAY Systems, Inc.
Tel +61-3-9536 3900 - Fax +61-3-9536 3901

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