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From Bill Schindler <develo...@bitranch.com>
Subject Re: Bugs and Compile Problems in 1.4.0
Date Sat, 03 Feb 2001 23:47:30 GMT
Most of your problems seem to stem from a shotgun approach to creating a
project. You picked up files for other platforms and unused headers, which
produced several bogus errors.

"Jonathan Pierce" <jpierce@nyc.rr.com> wrote:
> If anyone cares, I am using CodeWarrior 6 on Windows
> [ ... ]
> 1.1 #include <strings.h> should be removed from /src/util/NetAccessors/Socket/UnixHTTPURLInputStream.cpp

Shouldn't you be using the WinSock version rather than the Unix version of
the NetAccessors?

> 2. The class name in /src/dom/MemDebug.hpp is in the wrong case on line 77

Looks like a dead file to me. Nothing includes it. The real file is named
DomMemDebug.hpp (and DomMemDebug.cpp).

> 3.1 The /src/dom/NameNodeFilter.hpp includes non-existent file: "NodeFilterImpl.hpp"
so I had to remove it.
> 3.2 I also had to redefine the class to not include the non-existent superclass interface.

Another dead header. (Hint: When nothing #includes a header and there's no
implementation code to back the class, it's probably a piece of dead code.)

> The build process should not depend on specifying a precompiled header to be included
automatically in all files.

As far as I can tell, the build process doesn't support precompiled headers
at all. The rules surrounding creating and using precompiled headers are
very compiler and vendor specific in any case. (I just checked the docs on
~5 compilers to verify that. Every vendor specfies different rules for
implementing, creating, and using precompiled headers.)

> 6. I made the following changes to: /src/util/Compilers/CodeWarriorDefs.hpp

If that breaks the Mac support, I'd suggest creating separate CodeWarrior
Windows and CodeWarrior Mac headers.

> 7. I replaced the contents of /src/util/NoDefTranscoderException.cpp ...

I assume you meant the .hpp file, since there's no .cpp. This looks like
another dead file. NoDefTranscoder is a panic -- Xerces doesn't throw an
exception here, it dies an ugly death. (See the various Platform files.)

> 8. I needed to change the way gXercesVersionStr and gXercesFullVersionStr were defined
in /src/util/XercesDefs.hpp 
> so that I could include them in my precompiled header which does not support the contain
the const strings.

That sounds more like a compiler bug.

> 9. I needed to add the following to /src/util/XMLUni.cpp to support the ... NoDefTranscoderExceptionClass.
> 10.  I needed to add the following to /src/util/XMLUni.hpp to support ... the NoDefTranscoderExceptionClass.

No need. (See #7 above.)


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