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From Martin Kalén <martin.ka...@todaysystems.com.au>
Subject Diffs for gcc support under Tru64
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 04:10:42 GMT
The enclosed changes to the xerces-c-1.4.0 codebase will enable COMPAQ Tru64
UNIX machines to build xerces-c with gcc (tested using COMPAQ gcc version
2.95.2 19991024 (release) and Tru64 V5.0 1094).

Diff snippets attached:
1) $XERCESCROOT/src/Makefile.incl
2) $XERCESCROOT/src/util/XercesDefs.hpp
3) $XERCESCROOT/src/util/Compilers/GCCDefs.hpp
(It seems that this works for other ports as well, perhaps someone could
acknowledge if the inline functions for gcc can be removed? That would of
course make the above patch unnecessary.)

Hope this helps and can make it into the CVS tree! Please advise if the diff
format is not optimal for submission (my script uses diff -cdbB).

Finally, to avoid internal compiler error in XMLScanner.cpp, turn off all
optimisation flags (just helpful for people compiling for Tru64 - nothing
for the codebase!):
4) $XERCESCROOT/src/runConfigure


Martin Kalen
Software Engineer
TODAY Systems, Inc.
Tel +61-3-9536 3900 - Fax +61-3-9536 3901

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