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From Dean Roddey <drod...@charmedquark.com>
Subject Re: Bugs and Compile Problems in 1.4.0
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 08:23:42 GMT
> > to be supported that don't handle it. Really, what needs to be done is
> > use string.h instead of memory.h I think. Try that and see if it doesn't
> > work. If so, then that change should be made to the code base.
> It works fine for me, but I can't tell which platforms rely on this file
> from it's name.
> /src/validators/DTD/CWStateSet.cpp
> All platform shared files should probably use string.h instead of memory.h

As I said before, if its not under utils/, its definitely platform
independent. The only things that might be platform dependent are in some
directory under utils/.

> Why can't the source tree be seperated between platforms with binaries for
> all releases from those without?

It would just complicate the build unecessarily, IMHO. But I don't do the
builds, so perhaps one of the IBM crew can give an opinion on that.

Dean Roddey
The CIDLib C++ Frameworks
Charmed Quark Software

"We're gonna need a bigger boat"

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