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From "Jonathan Pierce" <jpie...@nyc.rr.com>
Subject Re: Bugs and Compile Problems in 1.4.0
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 00:45:47 GMT
Dean Roddey wrote:

> Mostly, there is an assumption that almost every cpp file will bring in
> XercesDefs.hpp, so some headers have never added an included explicitly.

Some of the .c files in /util don't do it an maybe should.

> > How about:
> >
> >      /src
> >         /final
> >             /util
> >                 /platform1
> >                     /Compiler
> >                         platform1.hpp
> >                         platform1.cpp
> The separation isn't that clean. Some transcoders are quite useable on
> multiple platforms. And one at least, the in memory one, is useful on
> platform I think.

Can the dead code be moved out?

Can the platform independant code be seperated from the platform specific
code and headers?

Can the code that applies to multiple platforms but not universal indicate
which platforms it supports so platform specific code can be provided only
when needed.

Also, Is it reasonable to seperate the header and c++ files from each other?

I also noticed some static variables in the header files. Shouldn't they be
in the C++ files so the data from the header files doesn't need to be linked
into the executable?

I think it is worth having a discussion about these issues to get other


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