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From "Jonathan Pierce" <jpie...@nyc.rr.com>
Subject Re: Bugs and Compile Problems in 1.4.0
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 08:02:45 GMT
> to be supported that don't handle it. Really, what needs to be done is to
> use string.h instead of memory.h I think. Try that and see if it doesn't
> work. If so, then that change should be made to the code base.

It works fine for me, but I can't tell which platforms rely on this file
from it's name.
All platform shared files should probably use string.h instead of memory.h

> Again, not really feasible for now. All compilers are likely to support
> old scheme for the time being, even if they do it via some mapping
> mechanism. But still, that would allow the Xerces code to remain

I'm okay with that as long as the memory.h problem above is fixed.

> In every single release,
> some of the platforms that are maintained by outsiders are not updated
> the new release is made.
>So it just wouldnt' be practical, for source
> control reasons, to be continually moving the code around on every
> If you are going to work with the source code directly, you just have to
> become aware of some of these issues I think.

Do the platforms included in the binary release vary with each release?
Is there an indication as to which platform builds have been tested for each
Is there a list of platforms that are always guaranteed to be included
before a release is cut?
Maybe platforms shouldn't make it to the list of supported platforms unless
they are available with every release.
The releases should probably be less frequent, and a committment should be
made to the list of supported platforms that will always work.

Why can't the source tree be seperated between platforms with binaries for
all releases from those without?

           Platforms with Binaries

        a.. Win32 using MSVC 6.0 SP3
        b.. Linux (RedHat 6.1) using egcs-2.91.66 and glibc-2.1.2-11
        c.. Solaris 2.6 using Sun Workshop 4.2
        d.. AIX 4.2.1 using xlC 3.6.4
        e.. HP-UX 11 using aCC A.03.13 with pthreads

           Other ports...

        a.. OS/390
        b.. AS/400
        c.. SGI IRIX
        d.. Macintosh
        e.. OS/2
        f.. PTX
        g.. and more!

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