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From "Jones, Brian O." <brian_o_jo...@md.northgrum.com>
Subject few questions
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2000 15:50:12 GMT
Hello Andy,

I have a couple more questions...

1.  Here is what Bob Vaughn from Telestream sent about getting xerces to
work on VXWorks...
        I'm in the process or porting Xerces to VxWorks right now.  After
getting over several makefile problems now I'm running into too may
try-catch-throw blocks in Xerces that Tornado I on an I960 doesn't support.
My company is in the process of migrating to Tornado II which has exception
support so I'll continue porting in a week or so once I get upgraded.

I checked around quite a bit to see if anyone had ported an XML parser to
VxWorks and didn't find anything.  I even asked Wind River and they didn't
think it had been done either.

2.  When I said I want to split the code up, I really want all the DOM
capability.  So what all is included in the DLL?

3.  When I mentioned on a distributed system, I have a Single Board Computer
that I want the library to run and each application has to link in the
xerces library.  So I am wonder will I have some memory issues?

thanks for all your help, I really want to use this technology, but I have
make sure it is going to work.


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