Hi  xalan-j-users,

As I got the below URL is no longer available 


What URL should be used instead of that ?


Actually  a java class is being used in XSLT for validation purpose.  
 For that validation, the following way a java class is being used as a component inside XSLT for my project.  
 But this is not working now because of that URL is no longer available.

<xalan:componet prefix="util"  elements="init validate done">
    <xalan:script lang="javaclass" src="xalan://src.DataValidator"/>


The init , validate, done  functions  in DataValidator class should  executed from XSLT  , earlier it worked fine.
Now these are not getting called because component tag itself is getting neglected while transforming the data to xml format.

Could you please advice me how can make that code works from XSLT ?