I have bought a mobile phone before 1 week, it was very good until i have done the factory data reset. After i did this, my phone can't connect internet using the simcard, i tried to ask the telecom company to send to me the settings, and in fact they did, but my phone still can't connect the internet. i would like to renew the system but i don't know which system issuitable for my phone. Today i found in the information of the phone that there is source licenses and mention in it that this product includes software developed at The Apache Software Foundations
Portion of Apache Xerces Java in xercesImp1.jar and xml-apis.jar were originally based on the follwing:
-software copyright (c) 1999, IBM corporation., http://www.ibm.com
-software copyright (c) 1999, Sun Microsystem., http://www.sun.com
-vountary contributions made by Paul Eng on behalf of the Apache Software Foundation that were originally developed at iClick, Inc., Software copyright (c) 1999.
i need your help to renew my phone's system by the suitable system. my phone is ( Model number: GT-I9300 ) ( Android version 4.1.1 ).
thank you,
respectfully yours!