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From Gary Gregory <GGreg...@rocketsoftware.com>
Subject Re: SV: Sql extension - parameterized query
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2012 14:00:34 GMT
Can you try the current version 2.7.1?


On Dec 20, 2012, at 7:48, "lars.bjerges@swedbank.se<mailto:lars.bjerges@swedbank.se>"
<lars.bjerges@swedbank.se<mailto:lars.bjerges@swedbank.se>> wrote:

Well, I’m sorry to say that it does not work for me, I get:
file:///C:/xalan-j_2_7_0/samples/extensions/sql/pquery/dbtest.xsl; Line #41; Column #70; java.sql.SQLException:
At least one parameter to the current statement is uninitialized.
file:///C:/xalan-j_2_7_0/samples/extensions/sql/pquery/dbtest.xsl; Line #51; Column #25; Error
in Query

When fiddling around however it seems that there is something amiss in the use of:
<!-- Build a CSV list of parameter types -->
<xsl:param name="q1type" select="int" />
Whenever I try to make a list, e.g. “int,string” (which would be a proper CSV list to
my understanding) I get:
javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Ytterligare
otillåtna tecken: ',', 'string'
which is OK so I try to do an alternate pquery invocation:
<xsl:variable name="table" select="sql:pquery($db, $q1, 'int,string')"/> , I get:
file:///C:/xalan-j_2_7_0/samples/extensions/sql/pquery/dbtest.xsl; Line #51; Column #25; Error
in Query

When moving the type definitions into the Query structure (attribute “type”) and removing
the third parameter from the “sql:pquery” statement  it works all the time regardless
of the type values I enter (e.g. string instead of int).

All tests above done with the Derby database. I will try some more on z/OS DB2 after New Year.

So, till then: Happy Holidays…….


Från: Christoffer Bruun [mailto:cdbruun@flyingpigs.dk]
Skickat: den 20 december 2012 09:17
Till: j-users@xalan.apache.org<mailto:j-users@xalan.apache.org>
Ämne: Re: Sql extension - parameterized query


I have no direct expericence with the Sql extension, but I think you should use
<xsl:variable name="qparam" select="//QUERY/*"/>
- otherwise it may assume that you want to add only 1 parameter (the 1 QUERY element) with
a text value of SPI010000004016

Best regards
Christoffer Bruun

Den 20-12-2012 09:02, lars.bjerges@swedbank.se<mailto:lars.bjerges@swedbank.se> skrev:

What I would like to do is to have  a xml fragment containing the parameter values:
And, in the stylesheet have the following code:

= ? AND KODTXT = ?'"/>
<xsl:variable name="qparam" select="//QUERY"/>
<xsl:value-of select="sql:addParameterFromElement($db,$qparam)"/>
<xsl:param name="q1type" select="'string,string'"/>
<xsl:variable name="table" select="sql:pquery($db,$q1,$q1type)"/>

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