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From A New Programmer <anewcsharpprogram...@gmail.com>
Subject Question about XALANJ-2439 and "No more DTM IDs are available" DTMExceptions
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2014 19:27:23 GMT
Hi devs,

I am running a Java SE 1.6 project on Apache Tomcat 6.0. In one module of
the code, I try to call Transformer.transform(Source, Result). This
transformation works fine in 99.9% of the case except in one rare case
where I have an input that will result in a very large output (i.e. data
table with 23000+ rows). My XALAN JAR file is already at version 2.7.2.

In this case, I get a TransformException that contains a DTMException that
has the message as written on the title. I've tried researching this issue
on Google and Stack Overflow but they kept pointing me to pages on SAP JVM
and stuff regarding outdated JDK/XALAN's, both of which do not apply to my

I'd like to know a couple of basic information:
1. What is a rough estimate of the upper limit that XALAN can handle? What
conditions can cause this error to legitimately throw?
2. Is XALANJ-2439 still unresolved in the latest XALAN version? It is
currently marked as unresolved?
3. Does allocating more memory to the JVM help?
4. Are there any workarounds?



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