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Greetings Jan,

Jan,  I am mostly a C/C++ developer.

The absence of communication on dev@ indicates lack of committers.
At least you have now found one that are interested, and trying to work into the project :-)


The support of VS-2012 will be included in the coming patch
release.  I just need the time to finish the webpage
documentation and get release approval.  The build support
for VS-2012 appears functional in the trunk for both
Xalan-C and Xerces-C.  If building from the latest Xerces-C
release sources, you may need to splice the (VC11) project
path from the trunk into your source tree to affect a useful
build.  I cannot comment on when the next release of Xerces-C
or patch will be available.

I was hoping that the a patch release of Xalan-C would already
be available.  The critical updates from JIRA have already
been committed to the trunk.

Can I do something to help ?

I would like to see the UNIX builds of xalan-c reformed to
use GNU autotools. This should make it easier to support the
changes to UNIX environments.  The Xerces-C XML Parser has
already made the move to GNU autotools for their 3.x series

I get your priority, and I am quite used to the autotools, so I will give that a go instead of vc 2012. Please do not misunderstand me, I just want to help getting this project moving without hurting anyone. Among others because I need it for 2 projects (one being capstone).


As for the Microsoft Visual Studio builds, we have a separate
directory of projects and version-specific (.sln) files to
accommodate the builds.

I expect that when work is done to incorporate new features
(i.e. exslt functions), the Microsoft Visual Studio (.sln)
and project files will be updated and forward-migrated.

The xalan message library implemented with VS-2003 uses a
makefile project to convert XLIFF information into a message
DLL.  VS-2005 and newer use a Xerces-C compiled program to
convert XLIFF information into a message DLL.

The Visual C++ (VC6) is no longer supported, but is available
for developers that still need to build and link with Xerces-C
2.7 and 2.8 libraries.  Xerces-C 3.X series no longer supports
Visual C++ (VC6). -- last supported by Xerces-C 2.8.

If new features are inserted into the (VC8) VS-2005 builds, the
Microsoft automatic upgrades usually work OK, stripping out a
few automated compatibility features that are automatically
added during the VS platform upgrades.

I would welcome your infrastructure expertise.
thx, as you know I have it in 2 flavors, not only do I know about infrastructures, but I am also deeply involved in infra, so if the project needs anything in that direction I would be pleased to help.

I simply want to be helpful and earn my merit.

jan I.


Both Xerces-C and Xalan-C have a common design heritage as
subprojects of the ASF-XML project that has been officially
moved to the attic.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Project build solutions are found
in the directories:

    projects/win32/{VC6 VC7.1 VC8 VC9 VC10 VC11}

I know that some of our users are still maintaining projects
on the Visual Studio 2003 platform even though Microsoft has
now released the Visual Studio 2013 (VC12) platform.

Steven J. Hathaway

> Hi Jan,
> I can't speak for others but for me it's been a lack of time. The project
> definitely needs new developers/committers in order to grow and it's great
> to see that you're interested.
> FYI: I'm mostly a Java developer. Hoping that Steven or someone else more
> familiar with Xalan-C can comment on the technical aspects of what you're
> proposing.
> Thanks.
> Michael Glavassevich
> XML Technologies and WAS Development
> IBM Toronto Lab
> E-mail: mrglavas@ca.ibm.com
> E-mail: mrglavas@apache.org
> janI <jani@apache.org> wrote on 10/26/2013 11:28:56 AM:
>> Hi.
>> I have now followed the dev@ for a period of time and are a bit
>> confused, whether the silence is due to lack of resources or lack
> ofinterest.
>> I got a set of scripts to build xalan-c and xerces.
>> I need to convert these into vc 2012 solutions and include the test
> suites.
>> Would it be acceptable to have the .sln and .vcproj files as part of
>> the project, making it easier for new developers (users) to start
>> using xalan-c ?
>> I would like to expand the pure build and test with an example
>> section allowing new users (developers) to grab an example and
>> rework it instead of starting from scratch.
>> I currently mentor a project with the help of steven, where among
>> others the intention is to produce style sheets that can manipulate
>> .sln and .vcproj files. I would make this available as one example,
>> and maybe the community can provide other examples.
>> Is this a good idea, or is there no interest/need to let xalan-c
>> grow furhter ?
>> rgds
>> jan I.
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