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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Re: Re: Is xalan still maintained?
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2013 23:47:08 GMT
The build of LocalMsgData.hpp requires a useable Xerces-C parser library.
An intermediate executable will be created that reads the XLIFE file
of messages to create the LocalMsgData.dll, and the header file.

You will need at minimum the Xerces-C 3.0, and preferably Xerces-C 3.1.1.
The Xerces-C from the subversion repository should also be usable.

After Xerces-C has been built, you will need to define the XERCESCROOT
environment variable so that the Xalan-C sources will not fail.

The MsgCreator project is compiled using the Xerces-C parser library.
The XalanMsgLib project uses the MsgCreator.exe to construct the
LocalMsgData.dll and LocalMsgData.hpp header files.

Steven J. Hathaway

> Well, if this file would be there, I would probably do not complain. This
> is a head of the output from visual. I don't know. Maybe this XLIFE
> processing fails, but Visual is too stupid to print the error. But then,
> how to check it?
> 1>------ Build started: Project: XalanMsgLib, Configuration: Release with
> ICU Win32 ------
> 1>Processing XLIFF file
> 1>Compiling...
> 1>XalanMsgLib.cpp
> 1>..\..\..\..\..\src\xalanc\Utils\XalanMsgLib\XalanMsgLib.cpp(25) : fatal
> error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'LocalMsgData.hpp': No such file or
> directory
> W dniu 2013-10-07 20:50:12 użytkownik  <shathawa@e-z.net> napisał:
>> Clare,
>> The file 'LocalMsgData.hpp' is created by the build process.
>> Depending on your build, the result can be found in
>>    build/Win32/{VCx}/{Debug|Release}/Nls/Include/
>>    build/Win64/{VCx}/{Debug|Release}/Nls/Include/
>> Sincerely,
>> Steven J. Hathaway

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