HI Michael,

I just completed my final evaluation on Melange's website.

Thank you for mentoring this summer project.


2013/9/22 Samuel Medeiros <ccc.samuel@gmail.com>
Hi Xalan Community,

you can find attached the final patch that introduces the support for StAXSource/StAXResult in Xalan.

StAXSource support through adapters between StAX and SAX technologies works perfectly.

StAXResult support through adapters between SAX and StAX technologies works very well, but there are some limitations:
  • When using XMLStreamWriter, it does not write standalone information. The more complete method just write encoding and version information [1];
  • There is an indentation issue with items that are not inside a <xsl:apply-templates>. This problem also occurs when using pure SAX technologie. I would suggest a revision in the class ToXMLSAXHandler; this class receives notification of SAX-like events, and invoke the equivalent SAX methods to a pure SAX content handler or to the SAX to StAX adapter that implements content handler. Take a look at TransformerImpl::createSerializationHandler(...). 

I would suggest the use of the Woodstox's implementation for XMLOutputFactory because when I was using the default one, I got the error [2] when passing the value of the property OutputKeys.ENCODING to the method [1].

Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you this summer.

Samuel Queiroz

[2]  javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamException: Underlying stream encoding 'Cp1252' and input paramter for writeStartDocument() method 'UTF-8' do not match.