The title can be "Xalan" instead of "Xalan-C" since the report is about both the C and Java versions.


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The Apache Xalan Project develops and maintains libraries and programs that
transform XML documents using XSLT standard stylesheets. Our subprojects use
the Java and C++ programing languages to implement the XSLT libraries.

We implement the W3C XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 1.0 and the
XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0 recommendations.


No new releases - latest stable releases are:
Xalan C/C++ version 1.11   29-0ct-2012
Xalan Java  version 2.7.1  27-Nov-2007


A patch release for Xalan C/C++ is being planned during the summer.
A patch release for Xalan Java is being planned after the summer.

The GSoC-2012 student is showing interest of more active involvement.

There is still a healthy community to do bug fixes.

Our projects had a presence at ApacheCon NA 2013 thanks to Steve Hathaway.

Michael Glavassevich may be mentoring a student for GSoC 2013.
The student from last year is again showning interest to participate.


There are no issues for the board at this time.

Steven J. Hathaway

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