Hi Xalan Devs,

My name is Samuel Queiroz and I participated of GSoC 2012 by coding for Xalan-C.
My mentor was Steven J. Hathaway and we implemented the base functions for XML DateTime.

In the context of GSoC 2013, I would like to work again with the Xalan team in order to push this project to have XSLT/XPath 2 support.

I would like to discuss some points with you:
  1. In order to become more motivated, does Xalan have a big users community? Can you estimate how many projects use it?
  2. Which Xalan version is better positioned -- in terms of both code quality/completion and number of affected users -- to incorporate these recommendations?
  3. In order to get help defining a project that makes sense within the scope of GSoC, what could be a great starting point in order to push the project to support these recommendations?
  4. Who could be the mentor?
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Samuel Queiroz