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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Re: GSoC
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2013 04:25:10 GMT
> Hi Steven,
> First of all, I would like to say the experience I had the last year by
> conttributing with the  Xalan-C++ community was just amazing. I would like
> to thank you again for all your efforts being my tutor.
> I have seen you have made efforts to keep the project going on. For this,
> I
> have to say I am proud to had you as my tutor.
> Through this email, I would like to address three points:
> 1) I would like to have a feedback from you about my work as a GSoC
> student
> last year. Where I went wrong and where I hit?

Your contributions and enthusiasm were excellent.  You worked well
with the team of volunteers.  Your understanding of C++ programming
has matured significantly.  You have provided good code that integrates
well into the project architecture.

The open source community needs to have documentation and decisions
made on the mailing lists.  If the activity is not on the lists, there
is no official tracking that the decisions and activities ever take
place.  As mentor, I tried to help keep the lists informed of our activity
last year.

> 2) I am still forming an opinion and knowing about the open-source world.
> I
> would like to be a GSoC student again! After this GSoC, I pretend to
> contribute to a project more effectively, i.e., establishing my
> objectives,
> the time I pretend to spend and so on. Then, I would like to know if I may
> apply again to be a GSoC student to your project or if you pretend to
> select different student each year.

A student may apply to GSoC to perform development work.  You must be a
qualified student in order to participate as a student.

The Apache Xalan/C++ project has no support for GSoC 2013.  There are other
Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects that will be glad to accept
students for 2013.  The ASF is still trying to get mentors assigned.

There are about 150 open source projects that are administered under the
Apache Software Foundation umbrella.

> 3) Even if you do not advise me to apply again for your project, what
> would
> be the motivations to became a Xalan-C++ contributor? For instance, how
> many projects use it?

If you are interested in helping to maintain Apache Software Foundation
code and documents, you are encouraged to make your commitment known.
An Individual Contributor License Agreement needs to be on file before
you can be granted an account as an ASF committer.

Being a committer does not require the effort and timelines of a student
under the GSoC umbrella.  You can work at your own pace and schedule.

Your work last year with GSoC on a project for Apache Xalan was commendable.
If you are interested in helping to integrate the code and have an ICLA on
file, we would be glad to have you apply as a member of our team.

I don't know how many commercial products use Xalan-C and Xerces-C.  But
the libraries are currently used in numerous commercial products.  More
projects may be using the Xalan-Java and Xerces-Java libraries because
portability is provided by the Java Runtime.  These are mature projects.

> Sincerely,
> Samuel Queiroz

I would gladly have you formally submit your interest in becoming
a committer member of the Xalan team.  We will need to discuss your
credentials and then get back to you.  You can still contribute like
you did during GSoC 2012, but becoming a committer gives you more
visibility and karma with the Xalan team.

There is a continuing desire to implement support for XPATH version 2
into the libraries.  This is a major architecture effort.

Steven J. Hathaway
Apache Xalan Documentation Projects

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