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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Xalan/Xerces at ApacheCon NA 2013
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2013 04:59:22 GMT
Now that ApacheCon NA 2013 is over;

There were some good meetups and sharing of ideas about community
development.  It does take some effort from volunteers to do outreach.
Successful projects are actively seeking and recruiting new help.

I am planning some student outreach activities at local universities.

* Oregon State University // Corvallis, Oregon
* Portland State University // Portland, Oregon

Hopefully we can get some more interest in basic XML development
support for Apache Xerces and Xalan projects.

* Xalan (XSLT Transform)
* Xerces (XML Parser)


Xalan (Java)  I don't have the resources to prepare and test a patch release.
A new release should be constructed and posted to the mirrors.  The mirror
tree for Xalan (Java) distribution is currently empty.  Old releases are
available from the archives.

Xalan (Java) Documentation:  You can send your website documentation to
my apache mail address (shathaway) with attachments in any format.  The
mail lists do not like attachments.  You can also open a JIRA ticket to
XALANC or XALANJ and post some documentation files there for community
Any documentation effort is accepted.  Even usage notes and comments are
accepted.  Don't worry about correct grammar.  I will see that the content
gets edited and integrated into the documentation tree.

Xalan (Java) We need a new release.  This requires volunteers to integrate
the patches and perform quality control testing.  I have seen postings in
but no commits to the subversion trunk.

Xalan (C++)  I am coordinating a source distribution patch release.
It will resolve the following issues:
1.  Fix an assertion bug when testing a Debug build with Microsoft VS 2010.
2.  Include a development tree for building with Microsoft VS 2012.

Xalan (C++)  The EXSLT date-time functions may need to delay for another
release unless we get more help.

Steven J. Hathaway
Xalan Documentation Projects

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