Hello Chary,

I assume that you are developing your application under Linux because of your reference to core dumps. I also assume for the same reason that you are using the C++ version of Xalan and not the Java version.

I had similar problems developing an application under Windows. In my experience, the only effective way to debug your problems is to download the sources and build a debug version of the Xalan libraries and link these into your application. You can then use the debugger of your choice to debug into the Xalan libraries.

Best wishes

David Singleton

Am 14.02.2013 22:26, schrieb venkateswara chary:


I am using xalan lib in my app.

Frequently I am getting cores due to wrong variable uses.

It’s very hard to me to identify the location where its coring .

Dbx giving high level information which is not helping me.


Please help me if anything can help to identify the xsl locations .