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From gpic...@desknetinc.com
Subject Re: Licensing
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 16:17:54 GMT
The licensing is right there for you to read in the distribution. It's your
responsibility to understand it, and assess whether your
planned use of it complies with the license. I would guess so, but there's
no reason for me to take on the risk of giving you
legal advice about your plans.


From:	Анна Кабановская <annakabanovskaya@mail.ru>
To:	xalan-dev@xml.apache.org,
Date:	10/09/2012 03:10 PM
Subject:	Licensing


Pelase, confirm that it's legal to use Xalan-Java on computer at work, in
commercial environment free of charge.
Thanks in advance!

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